How to Navigate the Virtual Tour
Different parts of the screening visit could happen in different rooms. This virtual tour takes you through the rooms and describes what you may experience through numbered hotspots in each room.
Click, hold and drag with your mouse or finger to rotate the scene for a 360-degree view of each room.
Look for the numbered hotspots in each room and click on them for more information. A sidebar will appear with details about that part of the room. You can click outside of the sidebar to close it, and then click on a different hotspot.
Click on the arrows that point to the next room to explore another room.
As an option, use the buttons at the bottom of the Hotspot side panels to move through the hotspots.
You can also skip to the next room using the arrows at the bottom of the sidebars.
At any point, click the “?” in the top left corner to review these instructions.