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How to find out about clinical trials

Patients, family members, and healthy volunteers need to know how to find out about clinical trials. Clinical trial research volunteer opportunities can be found on pharmaceutical clinical trials listings pages or on a clinical trials registry page, where you can search for studies in your area that are taking volunteers.

Your doctor may direct you to a clinical trial for which you are qualified to join. You may also see ads for clinical research volunteer opportunities in newspapers or on television or hear about them on the radio. Clinical trials registries and online databases may also be good resources to see clinical trials listings. Go to Find Clinical Trials to look through some of the studies currently conducted by AbbVie.

You can also browse trials at other reputable sources, including, a website developed by the National Institutes of Health that provides current and unbiased information about clinical trials for a wide range of conditions.


You should discuss anything having to do with your health with your doctor, including whether to volunteer for a clinical trial. Doctors have their patients' best interests at heart, and will let you know if there are any medical reasons why you shouldn't participate.

For more information, find out what to expect before joining a clinical trial and how to prepare for a clinical trial.


To read about clinical research for a specific health condition, or to search by disease area, please view the list of active clinical trials.